Paraliminals - What are they?

An overview of Paraliminal cds

Paraliminals are cds that mix for example music, Neuro Linguistic Programming and affirmations to help you with your personal growth. There are currently 34 of them, geared towards different areas of life:

1. Anxiety-Free
2. Automatic Pilot
3. Belief
4. Deep Relaxation
5. Dream Play
6. Get Around To It
7. Holiday Cheer
8. Ideal Weight
9. Instantaneous Personal Magnetism
10. Memory Supercharger
11. New Behavior Generator
12. New History Generator
13. New Option Generator
14. Perfect Health
15. Personal Genius
16. Positive Relationships
17. Prosperity
18. Sales Leap
19. Self-Esteem Supercharger
20. Smoke-Free
21. 10-Minute Supercharger
22. Youthful Vitality
23. Break the Habit
24. Creating Sparks
25. Focus & Concentration
26. Fresh Start
27. Happy for No Reason
28. Living the Law of Attraction
29. Peak Performance
30. Power Thinking
31. Simplicity
32. Success Built to Last
33. Talking to Win
34. You Deserve It!

They are created and sold by Learning Strategies.
You can read more about them at the official forum and in this Paraliminal Review.

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